2006-2007 Barolo at Del Posto Restaurant, NYC (3/26/2011)

Photos from the Afternoon Tasting of New Release Barolos at La Festa del Barolo

The Tasting: Flight 4 (2006 Barolos)

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Mauro Mascarello presents the 2006 Monprivato and Antonio translates:

Alex Sanchez presents the 2006 Brovia Rocche:

Beppe Rinaldi presents his 2006 Brunate Le Coste and speaks passionately about Barolo:

Roberto Conterno and Mauro Mascarello listen to Beppe Rinaldi:

Beppe Rinaldi speaks passionately:

Gianluca Grasso and Alex Sanchez listens to Beppe Rinaldi:

Beppe listens to Antonio's translation:

Roberto Conterno presents his 2006 Cascina Francia and opines on Barolo:

My glasses with some wine left. The most empty are the Vietti, Giacosa, & Rinaldi:


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