Dry Grenache and Syrah from Sine Qua Non


EBA = part of SQN's Extended Barrel-Aging Program in which the wines spend up to 40 months in new oak barrels. Since the 2003 Inaugurals, these have been exclusively from estate vineyards.

Year Grenache/Grenache BlendSyrah/Syrah Blend
2013 Female ♀ , Jusqu'à l'Os (EBA) Male ♂ , Le Supplément (EBA)
2012 Stein , Rattrapante (EBA) Stock , Touché (EBA), Next Of Kyn No ~ 6
2011 Dark Blossom, Patine (EBA) Dark Blossom , Patine (EBA), Next Of Kyn No ~ 5
2010 Five Shooter , Stockholm Syndrome (EBA) Five Shooter , Stockholm Syndrome (EBA), Next Of Kyn No ~ 4
Year Grenache/Grenache BlendSyrah/Syrah Blend
2009 Turn the Whole Thing Upside Down, This Is Not An Exit (EBA) The Thrill of Stamp Collecting, This Is Not An Exit (EBA), Next Of Kyn No ~ 3
2008 THE Line, The Duel (EBA) B-20, The Duel (EBA), Next Of Kyn No ~ 2
2007 Pictures, Dangerous Birds (EBA) Labels, Dangerous Birds (EBA), Next Of Kyn No ~ 1
2006 Raven Series, In the Crosshairs (EBA) Raven Series, A Shot in the Dark (EBA)
2005 Atlantis Fe2O3, The Naked Truth (EBA) Atlantis Fe2O3, The 17th Nail in My Cranium (EBA)
2004 Into the Dark, Ode to E (EBA) Poker Face, Ode to E (EBA)
2003 Li'l E, The Inaugural (EBA) Papa, The Inaugural (EBA)
2002 More Than a Number Just For the Love of It, Heart Chorea (EBA)
2001 Ventriloquist, Rudy-Matt Cuvée Midnight Oil, On Your Toes (EBA)
2000 Incognito In Flagrante, Heels Over Head
Year Grenache/Grenache BlendSyrah/Syrah Blend
1999 Icarus The Marauder
1998 The Antagonists E-Raised, Hospice du Rhone
1997 none Impostor McCoy
1996 none Against the Wall
1995 Red Handed, Tant Pis! The Other Hand
1994 none Queen of Spades
1993 none none
1992 none Black & Blue
1991 none none
1990 none none
Year Syrah/Syrah BlendGrenache/Grenache Blend


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