Pinot Noir from Sine Qua Non


Sine Qua Non made Pinot Noir from purchased grapes from 1996 until 2005 when they ended their Pinot program.


YearPinot Noir Vineyard
2005 Over & Out Arita Hills
2004 Covert Fingers Arita Hills
2003 Omega Shea
2002 Hollerin' M Shea
2001 No 6 Shea
2000 A Cappella Shea
1999 Ox Shea
1998 Veiled Shea
1997 The Complicator Shea
1996 Left FieldShea
YearPinot Noir Vineyard


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Left Field, Complicator, Veiled, Ox, A Cappella, No 6, Hollerin' M, Omega, Covert Fingers, Over & Out.
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