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Serious afficionados of fine wine are often fascinated by the nuances and detailed attributes of wine.  This may be because we want to make sure we are talking about the same wine when tasting or purchasing older wines or it may be because we are fans, not unlike those who study history or follow sports statistics.   As Aby Warburg wrote, "Der liebe Gott steckt im Detail" (The kind God is in the Detail). We are just getting started and will continue to add content, so please check back regularly.


The Fine Wine Geek
[Photo by Antonio Galloni.]
About The Fine Wine Geek

In the late 1980s, an Italian friend introduced me to Piedmontese wines in general and Bruno Giacosa wine in particular. It was love at first sip! My love of wine and my cellar have continued to grow over the years.  My knowledge of wine has grown from many useful books and publications, as well as my tasting group in the Albany (NY) area and another focused on Italian wines centered in NYC but with members around the globe.

Knowing of my interest in and love of the wine of Bruno Giacosa, people often asked me to help them understand the label of a bottle they owned or were thinking of buying. Or they (and I) asked specific questions about when Giacosa made wine from this vineyard or that vineyard, and did he make a red label (reserve) or a white label (non-reserve) or both?

This combined focus on the details of exceptional wines, the look and understanding of wine labels, and the geography of wine apeals to my natural proclivities as a Professor of Engineering and a lover of travel, wine, and photography.

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Please feel free to write to me with comments, questions, suggestions, and contributions.  My email is on gmail with id = kenvastola.  So just use my id "at"




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